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Adventure Park

Adventure Park

Adventure Park An unusual setting for an Adventure Park. A pine forest instead of a forest, hilly air and sunlight, services and comfort at your reach to ensure adults, children, elderly and babies a pleasant stay. Between a creeper and a bridge at the top of the pine trees, adults will be charmed by a breathtaking view and children by the proximity of the most exciting water park in the south center. Approximately 200 pine trees, 60 of them have lent themselves to hosting the "adventure stations", climbing, boardwalks, vertical nets, swinging trunks and exciting Tirolas... you will choose according to your bravery. Remember that in Valle dell'Orso you always play in a careful and intelligent way, as for the rest... leave room for fun!


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Bambini fino ai 140cm


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Per chi accede al Parco Avventura, l'area pic-nic è compresa. Per chi invece ha già acquistato l'ingresso al Parco Acquatico, l'accesso ai percorsi acrobatici prevederà il solo costo di integrazione del biglietto pari a:
- 10€ Percorsi Adulti
- 8€ Percorsi Bambini dai 100 ai 140cm

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Yellow course

For all children from 100 to 140cm tall - Safety system with continuous waist line

Up your harness and begin your adventure!! The easiest course for children but at the same time the most unforgettable because it's the first experience as a real explorer!

7 stages at 1.5 meters height, starting with a climbing wall up to the net cube, and then step by step the first ropeway will take you down to the ground, directing your desires towards the second course.


The Course:

  • Climbing panel
  • Stilt bridge
  • Footbridge
  • Suspended trunk
  • Net cube
  • Arrival cableway.

Orange course

For all children from 100 to 140cm tall - Safety system with continuous waist line

Challenging but not excessively, a lot of fun. Suitable for those who have already experienced the yellow course or for those who are very brave and think they can start with a higher level of difficulty.

Little Indiana Jones, are you ready? Check your harness and be careful! We begin discovering Tibetan bridges and wooden barrels, two and a half meters above the ground, between lianas and swinging logs, you won't feel so small. You will have to pass through 11 stages, and finally the beloved cableway, more than 10 meters long, will make you slide down to the ground.

The Course:

  • Ladder
  • Vertical net
  • Wide net bridge
  • Three cable bridge
  • Liana beam
  • Wooden barrels
  • Boards catwalk
  • Swinging logs
  • Footbridge
  • Tibetan bridge
  • Arrival cableway

Green young course

For all children from 8 years old and up - Safety system with continuous waist line

"hen the going gets tough, the tough get going! At 3.5 meters above ground, passionate adventurers will have to overcome 9 new and exciting obstacles! Swings, stilts and suspended zig-zags will take you straight to the highest and longest ropeways, which offer the possibility to literally fly through the trees. A small taste of what it feels like facing the games of adults!


The Course:

  • Ascent ladder
  • Mesh bridge
  • H swings
  • Tibetan swinging beam
  • Wall of stilts
  • Greek catwalk
  • Suspended Zig zag
  • High altitude cableway
  • Arrival cableway
  • Descent ladder

Green course

From 140cm high upwards

Even before climbing it is easy to understand the need for the right amount of courage. Two-wire bridges, log swings, wobbly walkways, this is all you need to know to challenge yourself and start your adventure. 12 stages 4 meters above ground, a thrilling flight between a tree and the other and then reach the last ropeway... just remember to grab the mesh!!!

The Course:

  • Laddee
  • Footbridge
  • Zigzag plank bridge
  • Steady beam
  • Two cable bridge
  • Three cable bridge
  • Tibetan mesh bridge
  • Low swings
  • Swinging beam
  • Reverse three-wire bridge
  • High altitude cableway
  • Arrival cableway

Blue course

From 140cm tall onwards

The game gets incredibly exciting. 11 stages over 6 meters above ground, the naval ladder is the first real test to overcome, a rope bridge that so sweet does not seem at all and the suspended tirola... You will gain mastery and adrenaline, essential to overcome the most difficult course.


The Course:

  • Naval ladder
  • Swinging cylinder swings
  • Zigzag log bridge
  • Rope bridge
  • Hammer beams
  • Rope swings
  • Wooden barrels
  • Two cable bridge
  • Narrow rungs catwalk
  • High cableway
  • Arrival cableway

Red course

From 140cm tall

We should have called it "Black Sky" because it's really at the limits of the game. The heart of the whole project, the goal of all adventurers. The course offers a major challenge to yourself: 11 stations, the opportunity to choose whether to stop or continue, the disc bridge, the long wobbly swings, the clamps and the climbing net... A little break to enjoy the view of the gulf at 7 meters high and then only the real adventurers will experience the longest ropeway in the Adventure Park!!

The Course:

  • Parrot ladder
  • Vertical ladder bridge
  • Flying saucers
  • Tarzan speed
  • Long swings
  • Rope clamps
  • Climbing net
  • Mix of swings and swinging logs
  • Two cable bridge
  • Swinging vertical logs
  • Arrival cableway