Valle del Natale | Valle dell'Orso | Torre del Greco - Napoli

Christmas Village


Valle del Natale ritorna nel 2020 con una nuova, fantastica edizione!



Area Mercatini

I mercatini saranno la straordinaria cornice della nuovissima area sviluppata per questa quarta edizione di Valle del Natale. Un'arena che si estende su di una superficie di ben 10.000Mq.

Street Food e Ristorazione

Un po' di fame? Mangia, bevi e rilassati nel nostro parco grazie alle aree Ristoro. Street Food, ristorazione, prodotti tipici e molto altro! Goditi gli spettacoli in zona Mercatini sorseggiando una bevanda calda.


A pranzo con Santa Claus

E I suoi Elfi.

Il 25 Dicembre, vivi in prima persona l'emozione di sedere al tavolo con Babbo Natale e gli abitanti di Valle del Natale.


MyPuppit / Puppit Show

Valle del Natale ospiterà il primo laboratorio di progettazione e realizzazione di MyPuppit. I soggetti realizzati saranno protagonisti degli spettacoli Puppit Show in calendario per l’edizione 2019.


Color Lab

Qui i piccoli ospiti del villaggio diventeranno artisti, cimentandosi nella riproduzione delle ambientazioni di Valle del Natale, e le opere realizzate saranno in mostra durante tutto il periodo di attività del villaggio.

Professor Fedro

Here is Professor Fedro, the wise guardian of the Village. With him, you will learn a few Finnish words to get ready for your meeting with Santa Claus!

Passport Issue

You will learn the mandatory fields of a real passport because you will have to fill in yours correctly in order to start your journey to Santa Claus. Each workshop completed with commitment, guarantees a stamp; each stamp is a small step towards your meeting with our Santa Claus! Will you manage to complete all of them?

Promises and wishes

A magical corner awaits visitors to the valley, a special place for those who want to experience the true spirit of Christmas. The introspection and the communication of emotions will be the keys to live this special moment of sharing under the watchful eye of Santa Claus who will look from above without interfering but guaranteeing the truthfulness and purity of the promises and wishes exchanged, sealing this deep pact of love.

The workshop develops a sense of self, a socio-emotional development, as well as a sense of well-being and confidence.

The Post Office

The little visitors of the Christmas Valley will be immediately captured in the atmosphere of the wait for Santa Claus, having to deal with the most direct means of communication that has linked them to him for centuries: the letter to send to the North Pole.

The laboratory allows to put into play actions aimed at language and cognitive development. In the process of development, language and communication are aspects related to:

  • communication with others (verbal and non-verbal)
  • understanding of what is communicated
  • awareness of the written language

Natalina's Kitchen

Children will engage in the preparation and decoration of cookies and sweets chosen from time to time from the great recipe book. They will follow a short lesson about healthy nutrition and, in the meantime, they will use ingredients and tools for the creation and customization of cookies. Food and cooking are good opportunities to bring into play educational initiatives capable of fostering the psycho-physical development of the child, their growth as well as their cultural background. Knowing how to use their hands means knowing how to physically give life to something, therefore "knowing how to do".

Toys FactoryKids

will be engaged in the creation, under the supervision of the elf-guides, of gift packages to be sent then, on Christmas night, to all the good kids around the world. The experience will make them Santa's little helpers indeed. The workshop allows for educational initiatives aimed at the development of the tactile sense. As assistants of the Elf Toymaker they will have to be prepared on the various work tools, and help Elf Stephan to build the gifts that will then be delivered all over the world.

Elves' Tailoring

You will have to test yourself with accuracy with meters, centimeters and millimeters in tailoring. You will leave your measures to participate in the drawing of a Elf tailored costume. It will be yours only if, when you measure it, it will fit you like a glove!

Husky Observatory

Get the bridle on, take the bridle off, prepare the sled, brush, lead on a leash and learn to give clear commands to the Huskies. They will be your most severe and demanding judges.

Santa Claus’ Barber Shop

Our minds are full of images that very often keep us from watching carefully. The exercise that you will have to do in the barbershop is focused on the ability to observe and then to replicate.

Santa's Room

Our tour will end with a visit to Santa's magical room where children will experience everything that characterizes his life and soul. A promise of faith before entering, a souvenir photo sitting on his lap and the greatest of emotions that becomes real. If you have made it this far, you will have obviously successfully passed the other tests. Well, the encounter with Santa Claus is perhaps the most difficult test. Talking with him will not be easy unless you are well prepared to speak Finnish.